What should I know about the Guanábana (Soursop)?

What good is graviola?

We will clarify and surprise you with the great variety of properties of Guanábana (soursop) for health.

Does graviola cure?

This is a good and controversial question, I will answer you with all my sincerity and being as objective as possible …

Why is it unknow?

As you have seen in the studies that we present to you throughout the web, all of them are carried out by Universities around the world and these are non-profit entities but …

Who can take graviola?

The fruit can be taken absolutely by everyone, what is more, you will have a magnificent culinary experience…

How much does graviola cost?

This seems to be a very simple question but it’s not so easy to answer because it depends on many different variants

Where to buy graviola? How many formats are there?

We want to make things very simple so while I talk about where to buy graviola extract and its formats

Fruit Graviola

Graviola and all its properties: the good and the bad

Recently the name of this plant has soared in the search engines, its benefits for our health and where it can be found in Spain. Some sites claim and some stores offer that is the manna of heaven. Others say it is a sham and that it causes more harm than good.

These extreme and divergent positions occur by simple commercial interests.

So let’s clarify everything, based on published studies and interviews with experts, so you do not have any more doubts.

What is graviola or soursop?

It is a plant native to the American tropical zone (in the Caribbean they call it catuche) between Mexico and Peru, but it is unknown in Madrid. Its fruits and leaves are consumed in tropical regions where they grow naturally, both for food and for the treatment of diseases as remedies prepared at home at all times.

Although its fruit can be seen for sale at some periods of the year, where it grows naturally, I do not know specific areas destined for its production, in spite of how delicious and nutritious the fruit is (Since I tasted it, It is one of my favorite fruits).

Only nowadays, the Annona muricata, in its scientific name, has become relevant, due to the amount of supposed benefits to treat diseases such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Does it really have medicinal properties?

Yes. It’s a fact. There are already many scientific studies in different countries that prove it. They are not simple empirical comments from well-meaning people.

It is already proven that graviola has medicinal properties to fight cancer and control hypertension, anemia and stomach ulcers.

Yes but no. How is the thing with the side effects?

Like many of us Madrileños that consume it, we know that excess does harm. Yes, soursop is beneficial and yes, it has negative side effects, when consumption is excessive.

And here it is necessary to differentiate between fruit, bark, seeds and leaves: fruit has no harmful side effects. The one that can have toxic effects are the leaves, if it is consumed in extremely excessive amounts.

But it is also true that leaves have the highest concentration of acetogenins, which are able to control and even cause apoptosis or “suicide” of cancer cells.

And I’m not choosing fancy words, to confuse you. If you are interested in this topic, it will be important that you memorize them, because it will appear several times, to explain how graviola (corossol in French) affects cancer cells.

Later you will understand that you can combine the consumption of soursop in its different variety and presentations, to avoid and to not get nowhere near toxic quantities.

And we’re not going to leave everything in the air, like most places. We are going to analyze part of the interview by the Informative Agency Conacyt to the Professor of Sciences José Luis Méndez Cruz, doctorate in sciences specialized in medical and molecular pharmacology from the Autonomous University of Zapatecas, Mexico, referring to a “Study on the secondary effects of consuming sursop”

Soursop leaf is the one that has a greater amount of acetogenins, a substance that can reduce tumors, but it is also important that people wait to have information on what are the appropriate dosages to consume the graviola leaf extract…

The average lethal dose of soursop leaf extracts in Mexico is two grams per kilogram of body mass. Twelve percent of that dose does not cause liver nor kidney damage; but 50 percent of that dose already causes kidney and liver damage.

Calculating a recommended dosage

What is the recommended dose for graviola?
What is the recommended dose for graviola?

Let’s rationalize the formula offered by the Professor of sciences, based on his studies, so that we do not have any doubt about the amount that can turn harmful. And we will take the weight of a commercial bag of tea as a reference which is 1 g, usually:

He says that the lethal dose is 2 g per each kg of body weight. If I understand correctly, it means that, for a 50 kg person, consuming 100 grams of graviola leaf extract is lethal. That is to say, you would have to consume the equivalent of 100 bags of graviola leaf all at once.

He says that 50% of that dose (about the equivalent of 50 sachets of graviola leaf extract) causes kidney and liver damage.

And he says that 12% of that dose does not do any harm. That would be the equivalent of 12 bags of graviola leaf (soursop), for a 50 Kg person.

This makes me think that you are more than protected, if you only take 2 teas of soursop a day, for example. Imagine if you combine it with juice or the whole fruit, which have no toxic effects.

This analysis is made based on a specific study, with a specific type of graviola leaves. But it helps you visualize the exaggerated quantities that you would have to consume for it to be toxic.

Understand that this calculation is of a non-toxic dosage. We are not talking about doses to fight specific cancers. We speak of simple consumption, for prevention.

And soursop pills or capsules are being sold nowadays, so you can have an exact control of the dosage.

It’s good news and there are many more, keep reading.

To know more about this interview, which we will reference in other opportunities, you can visit: http://www.conacytprensa.mx/index.php/ciencia/salud/13522-fectos-secundarios-extracto-hoja-guanabana

Why most studies on graviola are about cancer and not about high blood pressure, diabetes or other issues?.

Both arterial hypertension and diabetes are chronic diseases, but not fatal, thanks to existing medicines and treatments.

Currently, the deaths caused by these diseases are due more to carelessness or ignorance than to the fatality of the disease itself.

With medical control, plus a proper diet and exercise routine, they should not cause troubles.

If you want to be cynical, you could say that researching on those areas is no longer a business.

Cancer is a battle of life or death. Either you kill it or it kills you. Just in the last five years we could talk about some positive results, with many side effects, such as those caused by radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

But they were the only existing, known mechanisms to fight it. It is in this century that medicine is developing products that only attack cancer cells or have discovered some that already do so naturally, such as graviola.

In any case, studies on the effects of graviola (called sinini in Bolivia) on cancer yield specific results on blood pressure and diabetes, because they are variables that are controlled in said studies.

So let’s describe the effects on each of the diseases mentioned, to continue clarifying doubts.

What are the effects on cance?r

I quote again the interview with Professor José Luis Méndez Cruz and let his words explain the Guanábana effects against cancer:

“Acetogenins prevent the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATPs are the energy the cell needs for its biochemical reactions, including reproduction”.

“Tumor cells require a lot of ATP to reproduce and cancer is an uncontrolled reproduction of cells. So, if we take away the energy (ATP) they stop reproducing and even lead the cell to death or apoptosis”.

Let me add segments from another study, published by the USA National Library of Medicine:

“The major bioactive components that have been extracted from different parts of the plant are known as Annonaceous acetogenins. These are derivatives of long chain (C35 or C37) fatty acids derived from the polyketide pathway [ 12 ] that is selectively toxic to cancer cells, including multidrug-resistant cancer cell lines [ 1317 ]. Annonaceous acetogenins induce cytotoxicity by inhibiting the mitochondrial complex I, which is involved in ATP synthesis [ 14 ]. As cancer cells have a higher demand for ATP than the normal cells, mitochondrial complex I inhibitors have potential in cancer therapeutics.”

To read the whole study, you can visit: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3371140/

And we will leave the conclusions of this topic to a summary published on the effects of graviola against cancer, named: “THE ACETOGENINS IN SOURSOP – SOMETHING MORE THAN AN HOPE AGAINST CANCER” [Original in Spanish]


In addition to the research already mentioned, the source of this information is fascinating. It comes from one of the largest medical product manufacturers in the world, who states that after more than twenty laboratory tests, carried out since 1970, the extracts revealed the following:

It is a natural therapy that doesn’t cause extreme nausea, or loss of weight or hair, as does chemotherapy.

It protects the immune system, preventing deadly infections or allergies.

The patient feels more comforted and hopeful throughout the treatment, because they see and believe their life expectancy increases.

It destroys the malignant cells in twelve types of cancer, including the colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas.

The compounds in this tree proved to act 10,000 times more than any conventional cure tested so far. For example, it retards the growth of cancer cells in a much more effective way than the product Adriamycin.

And what it is even more spectacular: this type of therapy with soursop extract or powder only destroys malignant cancer cells without affecting healthy ones. (Víctor Montoya, 2010)”.

To review all this work, you can visit: https://es.scribd.com/doc/33885921/La-Acetogenina-de-la-Guanabana-algo-mas-que-una-esperanza-contra-el-cancer

I have chosen this research and work, and I have very little to add. Our intention is for you to seek experts’ advise.

In summary, it can be said that the great discovery is that graviola has greater effects than those of other conventional treatments and, in addition, they are selective on cancer cells, so it minimizes damage to healthy cells.

With graviola (soursop) there is the possibility that cancer, which also has a high incidence in the cities of Extremadura as it does in the rest of Spain, becomes a chronic disease, but treatable, and not fatal.

Other medicinal properties of graviola or soursop

Our wonderful tree has many benefits in other types of diseases or illnesses that are not as critical as those explained above. Therefore, I will only mention the studies, for you to review, if they are of your interest:

Decreases the high blood pressure.

Regulates blood pressureSuffice it to say that even the people and sites that attack graviola express as a victory that it is contraindicated for people who consume products for high blood pressure. In that warning, which they are proud of, they are already accepting the properties to reduce the blood pressure of graviola.

Because if you read correctly, they never talk about it being contraindicated for people who have high blood pressure. No, they say it’s contraindicated for people who “Already consume products to lower high blood pressure”.

And, of course, the graviola leaf extracts, by lowering blood pressure, should not be consumed without control by people who already consume products for it, because it would enhance their effects. The right thing to do is that if you consume a product for hypertension control, talk to your doctor first.

If you are not medicated, you can consume the extracts of graviola, as a prevention. In any case, the indicated thing is always to visit the doctor first.

If, by contrast, you are a person with low blood pressure, you should not consume the extract of the graviola leaf (stachelannone in German), without having medical control.

Effect on Diabetes

Regulates blood sugarGraviola also has positive effects on glucose processing and glycemic control.

First let’s quote the study published by the National Library of Medicine of the USA, already mentioned.

This study was precisely on the effect of graviola leaf extract in pancreatic cancer, one of the most resistant, and sensitive in people with blood glucose control problems, such as diabetics, because the excessive glucose increase stimulates reproduction of cancer cells:

“A few in vivo studies involving Annona Muricata have been reported. Among these, two reports have shown the ability of the leaf extract to regenerate pancreatic islet β cells in diabetic rats [ 18 , 19 ]. These studies suggest an additional benefit of the natural product against PC given that diabetes has been classified as a risk factor of the malignant disease…”

To put it in context: PC is pancreatic cancer. The β cells of the pancreatic islets are responsible for the production of insulin to control blood glucose when it increases.

In short, the Anona Muricata extract helps the production of insulin which is responsible for controlling the increase in blood glucose.

Remember that you can review the whole study at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3371140/

The second study is precisely on the effect of the graviola extract on glycemia for patients with type 2 diabetes under treatment of glibenclamide. Let’s quote the results:


“From the clinical study, it was possible to observe a decrease in the level of glycemia in patients who received soursop and, the more potent the dose, a greater effect was observed, unlike those who received glibenclamide (5, 10 and 15 mg per day) alone, without adding the soursop leaf ethanolic extract capsule …”

You can review this study at: Study on Diabetes and Graviola

As you can see, these studies demonstrate the effect that graviola has on glycemia. Nothing else to say.

Anti-inflammatory properties:

Herpes Treatment:

Presentations or forms of graviola and where to buy it

Fruit GraviolaGraviola fruit

Has the healing virtues of the leaves, but attenuated. It’s delicious, as I said at the beginning and one of my favorites. You can eat it whenever you want to, because it has no toxic effects. In fact it has a lot of vitamin C, antioxidant and nutritive effects.

You can buy it in some fruit shops throughout Spain. And if you don’t find it in your area, start asking for it. In the end, the goal of any business is to sell products. If you ask, they will do the proceedings.

The juice:

The fruit juice can be made directly from the fruit or you can buy high-quality commercial brands that are already beginning to appear in Spain, so as to no be dependent on seasons. You can have it for a long time in your house and consume it, whenever you want.


There is no secret formula. Preparing tea with graviola leaves is rather easy and you can find them in some homeopathic and naturist stores.

Tablets or pills:

It is not the tastiest, but it is the most effective way to consume and control the doses of graviola. Now you can buy some brands starting to appear in stores. But you must be sure of the quality of the lab that sells them. Is it known? Is it reachable, at least?

Ozonized Graviola (Graviola Prozone):

A bomb against cancer cells and the one we strongly recommend because it combines the effects of soursop with those of ozone, which is also cytotoxic (toxic only to altered cancer cells)

There are starting to appear products that mix groups of natural cytotoxic, ozonated soursop to try to make the reproduction of cancer cells impossible. If this graviola with ozone is also added with telomerase promoters (to lengthen the telomeres in the DNA sequences) it is the perfect combination. (Graviola Prozono)

And I do not want to leave in the dark. If you don’t know the effects of ozone on cancer cells, below is a brief explanation. I promised you to answer all your doubt, if possible:

Effects of ozone on cancer cells.

Healthy cells get energy through the oxidation of glucose. Thus they fulfill their functions and multiply. Cancer cells do not get energy from oxidation, but from fermentation.

When there is oxygen, the cells behave naturally. When, for some reason, the cell stops receiving oxygen or processing it and cannot produce energy by oxidation, it does so by fermentation. If that state continues, the cell is damaged and remains producing energy by fermentation. That is a cancer cell.

In the natural process, to receive oxygen from hemoglobin, a cell must deliver CO2, which is the result of the oxidation process. It is automatic: hemoglobin delivers O2 and the cell delivers CO2.

When the cell ferments the glucose instead of oxidizing it, the resulting product is lactic acid and not CO2. When the cell ferments the glucose instead of oxidizing it, the resulting product is lactic acid and not CO2.

The oxygen has 2 oxygen atoms (O2), while the ozone has 3 (O3).

The curious thing is that this third oxygen atom of the ozone is very unstable and always wants to detach itself and stick to another nearby molecule that would allow it. And it turns out that cancer cells, like viruses, are also electrically unstable. They immediately attract the third oxygen atom of ozone (O3). They cannot avoid it. And what happens? That atom alters the diseased cell and, when detached, releases oxygen (O2) which is not arriving by hemoglobin. This prevents the crisis from spreading and damaging other cells.

More information on: Ozone Therapy for Cancer

Imagine the power of ozonized or ozonated graviola (Graviola Prozono)


Cancer is a terrible disease that causes many woes to patients and their families. The existing treatments don’t give any kind of guarantees, but there are many side effects that diminish the patients’ quality of life.

The appearance of new treatments to fight it in more effective and natural ways, which cause much less damage than the existing ones, seems wonderful to us.

Although there are still no published studies on the effect of graviola on cancer in humans, the results of animal studies are already undeniable, as well as the demonstration of its low toxicity.

I consume it, mixing its different forms, and I recommend it.

Refusing to take graviola, because there are still no studies in humans, is like refusing to eat apples; it may prevent the proliferation of free radicals, but it has not been shown in studies.

Like the apple, because I like it and I know it’s healthy. If tomorrow they discover it is an effective remedy against stupidity, great! Well, I will recommend it to those who insist that it should not be consumed.

Enjoy life and take advantage of its opportunities.


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