Does graviola cure cancer?

DOES GRAVIOLA CURE CANCER?This is a good and controversial question, I will answer you with all my sincerity and being as objective as possible, without ties, without biases of any kind and of course I will speak to you clearly and without “outspoken”.

If we look at the reasons given by the multiple scientific studies by prestigious universities and scientific institutions around the world, the answer would be yes without hesitasion but I want to be cautious and restrained.

We defend tooth and nail, with scientific studies, with available data and oncological experience, that there is a very clear truth: THE GRAVIOLA HELPS TO FIGHT CANCER and this evidence cannot be denied.

Another evidence that we defend with scientific studies, data and oncological experience is that GRAVIOLA ACCOMPANIES AND STRENGTHENS THE ONCOLOGICAL TREATMENTS advised to us in any hospital or medical institution.

You should never abandon the treatments recommended by the oncologist, beware, always keep this in mind, but know that graviola is totally compatible with chemotherapy, with radiotherapy and with other treatments doctors can advise us to combat cancer; moreover, it is advisable to take it as it potentiates them with its anticancer power and even helps you overcome some of the terrible side effects of these treatments.

Should we take graviola to prevent future cancer?

The answer is categorically YES, it is another statement that we defend where necessary, with data and scientific studies in hand and it is also highly recommended because we can all be a victim of this plague.

After making these statements (for which I will be excommunicated by the pharmaceutical-financial lobby) we must clarify that taking the fruit or the juice will never reach the minimum amount to have these long-awaited effects. It is estimated that you would have to take a minimum of 9 kg of fruit per day, which I think (no matter how delicious this fruit is) you will not do it because in addition to being physically impossible, in Europe it would cost approximately € 60.

There are also people who take infusions made with leaves from the graviola tree, with this way of taking graviola you will not achieve the expected effects, the only thing you get with this is to warm up in winter (if you drink it hot) or cool in summer (if you drink it cold).

To get its benefits you must take graviola liquid extract. With a single sip in the morning you will have the strength of nature at your service. You have to bear in mind that this graviola extract must be manufactured in Europe with all the quality and sanitary guarantees that the strict European Union regulations impose.

The liquid extract that I recommend (it is the one my family, my friends and I drink) is the liquid extract of ozonized graviola (Graviola Prozono), it has a price of € 67.20, I drink it on an empty stomach and it is ideal to prevent and fight cancer.


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