Who can take graviola?

WHO CAN TAKE GRAVIOLA?It is a very simple question to answer, the fruit can be taken absolutely by everyone, what is more, you will have a magnificent culinary experience, it is a very juicy and refreshing fruit, with a pulp that at the contact of your taste buds, is an explosion of exotic flavor in your mouth, a rich mixture between pineapple and strawberry, a flavor you won’t forgot and your family, your friends and you will repeat again and again. It will only be that, a gastronomic experience but you won’t have the multiple properties and benefits that the graviola extract can bring to your body.

Graviola infusions or teas are very good if you love this type of drinks (I know people who drink it daily and take it on the street as if it were mate). These infusions can be taken by everyone, but just as with fruit, it is still a drink, somewhat interesting, but it is just that, a drink. Without taking graviola extract you will not have all the power and benefits that this wonder of nature can bring you.

Now let’s go to what really matters to us, who can take graviola extract? Who can benefit from all the properties that graviola has? Well, it can be taken by all people except (as a precaution) pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.

Can I take graviola extract if I am on chemotherapy or radiation therapy? The answer is YES, I strongly advise you to.

Can I take graviola extract if I have hypertension? YES, you must take it.

Can I take graviola extract if I am diabetic? Well, of course YES.

Can I take graviola extract if I have stomach ulcers? Absolutely YES.

Can I mix the graviola extract with other medicines? Yes, it is a nutritional supplement.

And like that everyone except the people I mentioned before, pregnant women, infants and young children.

As you can see, the majority of the population can take it. Almost all people seek the graviola extract when they have cancer or fibromyalgia, which I think is great, but it is a natural product that we have to take every day to strengthen our health and prevent diseases as terrible as cancer.

You already know that I recommend you to take graviola liquid extract (without underestimating the powder extract that comes in capsules or pills), for its extreme quality and for the convenience of getting up in the morning and on an empty stomach taking a “shot” of the extract and you’re protected until the next day. You already know that my recommendation is ozonated graviola liquid extract, without the slightest doubt, it is the best you can take.


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