Where to buy graviola? How many formats are there?

We want to make things very simple so while I talk about where to buy graviola extract and its formats, I’m going to present a ranking by which I tell you which are the best and which one my family, my friends and I consume daily.



Gravbiola Prozono with TelomerasaUndoubtedly, it is the best on the market with a big difference over the rest. I’ll explain the reason for this statement and why we take it in my family and in my group of friends:

  • It is a liquid extract (syrup type). A simple intake (40 mL) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, provides us with all the strength and benefits this product offers.
  • High potency and bioavailability of this food supplement. In one shot we are guaranteed total absorption by our body and it gives us the peace of mind that in a single morning drink we have the correct dose for the whole day.
  • Made in Europe. This food supplement is developed and manufactured by the Ireland Lab Kaizen Lab Europe. It is a total guarantee that all the strict sanitary norms of the European Union are met
  • The only graviola extract in the world manufactured with Immunotherapy-Tech. This left me surprised, based on the latest advances in the field of immunotherapy.
  • The only graviola extract in the world endorsed by the Human Biomedical Research Center. It is manufactured with the strict rules imposed by this famous center and supervised by semi-annual audits to it.
  • Very elaborate and complex formula. In addition to providing the necessary dose of graviola, this formula is enriched with ozone, it is the only Ozonized Graviola that can be found in the market. It combines the best of graviola and ozone in one product. But this doesn’t stop here, in addition to Ozonized Graviola, it adds up in the fight against cancer and the fight against diseases such as fibromyalgia, Pau D’arco and Telomerase promoters.
  • It is the only natural supplement that has “Registered Scientific Literature” with its bibliography and also has it published on its website https://en.graviolaprozono.com/graviola-prozono-registered-scientific-literature/

It is the most complete and complex product by far.

Its price is € 67.20, we drink 40 mL on an empty stomach every morning, the package lasts 25 days.

You can buy it on their website https://en.graviolaprozono.com/


Graviolamar complexWe consider this graviola to be the second best we can buy in Spain and its characteristics are the following:

  • It has a complex formula. It is composed of graviola extract, broccoli and pine bark.
  • Manufactured in Europe by the Spanish lab Marnys, which is good because it offers certain guarantees.
  • Powder extract in capsules format.

Its format is capsule type and comes packaged in a box of 60 units and the dosage is at least 2 capsules a day with the meals. (We find it very impractical to go around with the box of capsules in your purse or pocket every day).

In the lab website the price is € 16.95 but it can be found in several websites or at health stores, with very different prices.


Amazxon GreenWe place this graviola in third place even though it seeming to be a marketing product rather than a serious one.

  • Its origin is Europe. It doesn’t get more European than that, according to its website it is a product developed in Italy, manufactured in La Rioja and distributed by Guipúzcoa.
  • Its format is in powder graviola extract capsules.

At this point we have to mention a product that we think is good but it could be better, Graviola Lister Mais, is has no ozone and they advertise it as ozonated. The lack of seriousness of these Portuguese labs makes us not recommend that you purchase it.


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