Why is graviola unkown?

As you have seen in the studies that we presented throughout the website, all of them are conducted by Universities around the world and these are non-profit entities, they study the characteristics for the common good of humanity, they don’t want to do business out of it. Also their resources are therefore limited and cannot extend and deepen such studies. The big corporations and financial-pharmaceutical lobbies have three basic goals which they comply scrupulously and to the letter:

  • Earn money.
  • Make lots of money.
  • Earn much more money.

Absolutely all the money they invest in research is to obtain a brutal profitability and they don’t care about the common good of humanity. Their goal is to obtain a patent that can only be used by them and with which they can squeeze the money out of the pockets of citizens or Social Security. Who has not seen pharmacist visitor in their appointments to the primary care doctor, to the specialist (including oncologists)? We all know exactly what these gentlemen are doing there and even during patient care hours. Do you know what the average cost of Social Security is in a patient with chemotherapy as oncological treatment? The range per patient and year goes from € 40,000 to € 80,000. Do you know what the revenues of these corporations and financial-pharmaceutical lobbies are due to chemotherapy treatments around the world per year? A whopping 300,000 million euros (€ 300,000,000,000), an amount that we don’t even know how to read, and you know what cancer is for them, a MAJOR BUSINESS, of extra-spherical dimensions, it is really hard for us to imagine this dimension. Exactly, it is a great deal of money and as we all understand, corporations and financial-pharmaceutical lobbies won’t let anyone touch their “cake”. Now the question is: why don’t these financial-pharmaceutical monsters do business with graviola? The answer is very simple, NATURE CANNOT BE PATENTED, all the advances and studies on the graviola could be used by any person, all this without them seeing a single cent of a euro. So we are all clear that they won’t investigate graviola and they will even try to hide the studies that are about it and discredit it. We want to make it clear that we are not recommending that you stop your chemotherapy treatment, this is not what we denounce here, we denounce the business of cancer and with cancer. Follow the recommendations of your oncologist and take graviola which is compatible with any chemotherapy treatment and will help you a lot.


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